This is the JMU Department of Computer Science public mirror.


2020-Oct-12 The MSYS2 project has been added to the mirror.
2018-Aug-30 Web statistics are live.
2018-Mar-16 The new CS department mirror is online and publicly available! Please contact us if you encounter any problems.
2018-Feb-18 The server is undergoing an overhaul.


The following software can be found on this server.

Project Notes Sync Interval Protocols Approx. Size Last Sync
Linux Mint Releases cd images twice daily http 357G Aug 11 13:35 ET
Linux Mint Archives packages every four hours http 36G Aug 11 21:41 ET
MSYS2 packages twice daily http 508G Aug 11 14:08 ET
Ubuntu Releases cd images twice daily http 22G Aug 11 13:13 ET
Ubuntu Archives packages every two hours http 1.7T Aug 11 21:34 ET
Vim full mirror daily http 6.2G Aug 11 02:06 ET


This mirror is located on the campus of James Madison University in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. There are two servers behind mirror.cs.jmu.edu to provide a better level of availability. The configuration of both servers is identical:

Custom software is used to keep the servers in sync with upstream and with each other.

Last updated: Thu 11 Aug 2022 11:00:04 PM EDT